Monday, October 31, 2011

Driving in New Zealand

Wee! So as you saw a few days ago, we own a van here... And even before that we had a Camry that we were using to get around to get our errands done... As such, I've noticed a bunch of things while driving, and also being new to the left-hand driving bit, that was an experience in itself.

  • Driving on the left is actually better. It's taken some getting used to and I'm still not awesome at thinking of the proper lanes to be in and stuff, but it's totally true that with a right dominant eye, left side driving makes more sense. Thanks a lot, teamsters.
  • Driving on super windy (as in winding; a windy path) roads up some of the steepest slopes and with thin lanes and no shoulders is pretty harrowing. Especially when you commonly see signs saying that the road is narrowing or that there's a one lane bridge up ahead (we must've passed over 50 one lane bridges by now)...
  • A stretch of mountain road here might have 20-30 switchbacks, kind of like the road to Hana in Maui but even worse as there's no ocean reference on one side... It's just a big winding tunnel!
  • It's almost impossible to go the speed limit here. The aforementioned windy roads are almost all 100kmph roads, straight up and full of turns... I get tailgated all the time... Then I see this:
Yep, that's a logging truck. And yep, that's a 2 lane (bidirectional) road. wtf.

Anyways, it's an experience. But if my parents come to visit, I think I'll do everyone a favour and volunteer to drive instead of letting my dad. ;) He knows why.

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