Monday, October 31, 2011

Coromandel Peninsula - Waiau Kauri Grove and Waiau Falls

We just stopped at these two little roadside attractions on our way from Whitianga through to Coromandel Town on the 306 road. Definitely a pretty narrow winding road but pretty fun overall... And definitely worth it to see these two stops!

Kauri trees are native to New Zealand but due to their size and the greediness of man, most were cut down (after 600+ years of growing to massiveness) to be converted into paper and lumber... :( There's still a few to be found though, and the Kauri Grove here didn't disappoint.

Kauri are big!

And tall!

Way bigger than a Jacqui!

Water flows peacefully through the grove...

An excellent view Jacqui found... nice little pool in the creek!

After that we drove just a short distance further and found Waiau Falls, which was super duper pretty for a small waterfall like this. :) Definitely worth the stop and short 2 minute walk from the car!

So are we! :)


  1. Great pics! Beautious scenery and stylin boots

  2. Yes there has been a couple of rainy days that they have been perfect for! I think Scott must be jealous :)