Friday, March 9, 2012

Random Pics from My Parents' Visit

My parents left for Calgary today :( So sad to see them go but it was a fun visit!! Thanks for all the help around the house and yard, see you in a few months!!!

Some pics from their visit that didn't make it onto the blog yet. 

At the beach
Dexter being silly
Outside the best souvenir store ever in Wellington
Dexter takes a seat, haha [he totally looks like a Kiwi here!! -Scott]
At Huka Falls
At Lake Taupo
Dexter gets a swim!
Black swans
Driving around Lake Taupo
Sweet as!
Birthday celebration for my dad!
Best picture of the sunset we could manage...not for lack of trying though :)


  1. Thank you both sooooooo much for the trip. It was magnificent, and I felt so relaxed and happy. I've been poring over the pictures too (thanks for the memory stick download and the zip file from dex's prison days), and we sure have some winners. Especially of Dexter!! Arohanui!

  2. So relaxed and happy he's decided to retire!