Thursday, February 16, 2012

Black Water Rafting with Glowworms

We went on a big cave adventure today! Walking and rafting on tubes through Ruakuri Cave (part of the extensive Waitomo cave system). We opted for the shorter and cheaper tour and I'm happy with our choice. By the time the tour was finishing I was ready to be dry and warm. Very exciting though, and I'm proud to say I didn't have any cave claustrophobia freakouts. Even though some spots were pretty tight!

We also saw an eel in the river in the cave! It was very curious and came forward to explore the beam from the flashlight. A bit creepy to be rafting in the water with eels, but we had wetsuits so I wasn't too scared :)

The scariest part was jumping backwards over the waterfalls. We practised outside and most of us got quite a bit of water up our noses. I was more successful on the jumps inside the cave though, so that was good. 

The best part was floating on the water looking up at all the glowworms. It was very peaceful and cool!

Fun times were had by all. Definitely a NZ adventure worth doing!

Ready for our cave adventure
Have to find the right size of tube to fit our bum (there were only 2 options)
Practising making the "eel" chain for when we are floating in the cave
Scott had a good practice jump
Haha funny picture of Ryu
Into the cave we go....bye world!
Cool cave!
Wee this is fun!
Ryu and Beka are loving it too!
But not as much as Travis, haha. Alicia too!
Cool promo shot (not taken on our trip)
Another promo shot of the waterfall jump!
We made it!

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  1. This was one of my favorite things in NZ too! Loved the glow worms :)