Friday, February 24, 2012

My parents visit!

My parents arrived this week! It's been so nice to have them here :) My mom is going nuts in the garden...she has spent every morning weeding (often in the pouring rain) and now it looks beautiful! I'll take some pictures once we have a nice sunny day. She also loves the chickens and sheep, and of course Dexter!  Dexter is very excited to have her visiting :)

My dad's favourite part about New Zealand is probably the seafood. Or L&P. Or saying "kiwi as" and "sweet as" etc. all the time :) 

Charlie (my brother's girlfriend) sent me some shirts. Thanks!!! I love David and Goliath! 
Dexter got some treats from the pet store :)
At the beach in Tauranga
Mussels! They were still moving, eep!
Having a nice dinner
My mom got a sliver :( Dr. Lim and manuka honey to the rescue!

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