Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Flight of the Conchords live in Christchurch!

Since you are friends with Scott and I, you should definitely know who Flight of the Conchords are. But in case you somehow don't, they are are Bret McKenzie and Jermaine Clement, a comedy duo from Wellington New Zealand. They are most known for their show on HBO, which unfortunately only ran for 2 seasons despite being mostly pure hilarious awesomeness (my official opinion). But they've also seen success as live performers and also separately as an actor (Jermaine) and/or oscar-winning song writer (Bret) and/or elf (Bret). 

We've been lucky enough to see FotC twice in the past: at the Sasquatch music festival in 2008 and then in 2009 in Las Vegas with our awesome friends Christine and Duncan! The Vegas show unfortunately had some disappointments that tainted the experience (mostly not being able to bring in our awesome hot dog sign, and also having seats near the bar where everyone talked loudly (many people at the show seemed to have no interest in actually watching it)). But we have put that in the past and were excited for our third FotC experience!

Despite being from New Zealand, the guys have actually never done a tour here before. So it was pretty awesome that it happened during our visit and that we were able to get tickets. We actually almost missed the chance, and only noticed they were on sale after many shows were already sold out! But luckily Christchurch still had tickets, though we were stuck with seats that were described as "obstructed view". Oh well, it will still be awesome. 

And it was! Our seats were not bad at all, we were actually pretty close to the stage (much closer than for Katy Perry, haha). Arj Barker opened (a comedian, who also plays pawn shop guy Dave on the show) and then Flight of the Conchords came on for a great set. They played lots of old favourite and also a few new songs, and there was also plenty of dry witty banter between songs, classic FotC. Top it off with a couple "costumes" and accompaniment from the National New Zealand Sympathy Orchestra (aka Neil) and you've got one awesome show! We also got awesome t-shirts.

It was a late night drive back to Kaikoura after the show but definitely worth it! Dexter even got a big play at the dog park, so even he didn't think it was a waste of a drive :)

Watching Flight of the Conchords TV show in prep for the concert.
Dexter gets excited by all the sheep in the final episode. 
Sheep sheep sheep sheep! 
Big jump up at the agility park for Dexter!
Majestic King of the Castle
Ticket! Our seats turned out to be not too bad!
Sold out show...decent view of the stage!
Check out my awesome new shirt! (Scott's not wearing his new one here, but his is also cool)
Arj Barker gets us laughing
Excellent robot head costumes from THE DISTANT FUTURE
And some capes
All the ladies checking out Bret's Sugar Lumps
Epic traffic trying to leave the parking area... soooo bad. Sadly we had a 2.5 hour drive home after the parking lot, too! 
Scott's new shirt is awesome too!


  1. Sounds like fun! Especially great read at 5 in the morning.

  2. Awesome....I listen to a ton of mp3's I made from youtube videos of these guys.