Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Stunning Scenery and Fun Fetching

After an overcast morning the sun peaked out this afternoon over the mountains. In our ongoing mission to get a perfect pictures of the mountain range, I rushed down to the beach with Dexter and my camera. I'm not sure it was The Perfect Picture, but I think I got some good ones! Also Dexter got to play fetch, so he approved as well. The waves were a bit big today, but luckily he is brave, and only got tossed around in a wave once :) I took a video too.

Some background: For some reason the view of the mountains is always somewhat hazy. I think it's just the strange weather that occurs near mountain and ocean, but there is usually a layer of fog obscuring the view. This is probably also related to why the weather can vary so drastically in this small area depending how far out on the peninsula you are. 

The view from the house as the sky clears up a bit
The sun peaks through
Dexter trying to time his swim so he doesn't get waved in the face
Ahhh that one's too big!
Bigger jump!
Dexter goes surfing!
The return trip gets extra frantic when being chased by a wave!
I got it!

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