Friday, June 22, 2012

Pretty much my second favourite movie ever based on a board game

There is a little theater in Kaikoura that shows movies on the weekend. We've been waiting for a good movie to play so we can go check it out, and the closest we've got is Battleship on this weekend. Ok fine, we'll go see it. 

We arrived about 15min before the movie was due to start, and were the first ones there. When we purchased our ticket from the bored-looking lady at the "concession stand" (aka cans of pop and a few choices of chocolate bars) she said "Hopefully some more people show up, or they won't show the film". They need about a half-dozen people to show the movie, but luckily enough people trickeled in that we were able to see it. Yay.

I was expecting an exciting action-packed movie with a terrible plot, and I was not disappointed! The plot was perhaps even more terrible than expected, but hey, sometimes that makes it even funnier. The best part *SPOILER ALERT* was when they had to semi-blindly launch missiles at the bad guys, using a grid system to estimate where the enemy ships were. Sounds like a game I once played...

Overall the movie was kind of like Transformers meets Armageddon, with a Yay-US-Navy undertone. If you're looking for some mindless action with ridiculous plot and trying-too-hard acting, this one's for you!

P.S. My first favourite movie based on a board game is Clue. Though here it would probably be called Cluedo

Who ever came up with this terrible movie idea?
Cute little Mayfair Theater in Kaikoura
We're the first ones here...hopefully some more people come. 


  1. "Had to wait for more people otherwise wouldn't show the movie" lol!!! Sounds like my first gig.

  2. Except in our case more people DID show up!
    Oh snap!!