Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cadbury 10k Fun Run in Dunedin

So one of the things going on for Cadbury's Chocolate Carnival was a 10k/5k fun run/walk! Perfect for a new runner like myself! Jax was into going the 10k distance too, so we both looked for a way to sign up!

There wasn't one! It was a free drop-in-and-just-do-it kind of race, which was pretty nice. All the excitement of the competition with others but without the bogged down in lines, paperwork, and entry fees that normal races entail. :) We made some donation to a kids-related charity there anyways, and off we went!

10k is my standardish running distance these days, so I was pretty set... I usually run them in about 50 minutes and my fast speed is around 48 minutes, but thanks to my fancy new compession pants (or my mind, or the competition gained from the other runners) I finished in just over 45 minutes! :D It was pretty exciting! The last 1.5km or so I was so excited and energized and ran it at about 18kmph or something equally crazy, passing people left and right (though still didn't come in close to first, lol). Anyways, a personal record! My runs since have been faster too... Wee!

Overall, super exciting and I'd do it again next year if we were in Dunedin, which we won't be. But maybe someone searching for info for it next year will find this and we can provide the most useful bit of information no other site had: Just show up and run. No signups, no cost! 10 minutes early would be enough. lol.

Here's my Garmin data from the race, it's kind of neat, if you're into that sort of thing. :)

We achieved!
This is kind of redundant, but Dexter looks ridiculous in this picture and Jacqui was inspired to go buy chocolate after the race... Their marketing is working! haha.
I also did a post on Reddit about my fitness experience while here in NZ. Lots of weight loss, feeling better, being more energetic, etc, just by eating better and running lots and lots. Go here if you're interested in hearing about that kind of thing. :)

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