Saturday, July 28, 2012

Queenstown: Wanaka's Big Sister

We spent today over in Queenstown, which is basically a bigger, busier version of Wanaka. Queenstown is the most popular mountain adventure town in NZ, and has a variety of adrenaline activities (bungee, skydiving, jetboating, etc). Similar to Wanaka it is also on a lake and near a few ski fields. Despite all these claims we thought Wanaka would be a nicer place to spend a month, because it is a little quieter and not as touristy. I'm still happy with our choice, though we did have a nice visit to Queenstown today.

The drive to Queenstown was short (less than an hour), but it involved a pretty high mountain pass that Binney had to work hard for. But it was a nice sunny day and we made the drive easily. Our day was pretty relaxed; we didn't partake in any of the typical Queenstown adrenaline-rush activities. Scott probably would have done another bungee jump if I had agreed to go, but I am too chicken :)

We spent the day wandering around town, shopping, and walking by the lake with Dexter. Very nice day!

The day started with waking up early to watch the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics!
I enjoyed most of the program, even the ridiculous parts :)
Stopped to look at the historic Cardrona Hotel on the way
At the top of the Crown Range, which is also apparently the highest sealed road in NZ
Queenstown is barely visible in the distance, off to the left.
Looking down to Arrowtown
This sign was warranted! Quite a steep road. 
Took Dexter for a walk by the lake
Lake Wakatipu, with Queenstown to the left and The Remarkables (mountain range) looming above.
Oh, and Dexter swimming in the middle!
This burger place is really popular, but we decided the wait wasn't worth it.
Went to Devil Burger instead! Brought them to the lake to eat.
Scott enjoyed his plain burger, lol.
Nice place for a picnic.
The founder of Queenstown, and his sheep :)
Got some yummy candy. Also got Irn-Bru for Scott to try.
He rated it: better than 7up and L&P but not as good as Pepsi or Root Beer :)
Can you spot the moa?
Ok this one is easier...can you spot the giant kiwi?
Scott's camera lens broke a few weeks ago, so he bought a new one today. Fancy!