Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Bikers Return

Ryan and Charlotte have reached the end of their bike adventure! After over 1000km of biking they have returned to spend a week with us in Kaikoura before flying home to Calgary. Charlotte is writing an account of their trip on her blog, here's the link to the first of six posts. 

We drove up to meet Ryan and Charlotte in Hanmer Springs for an evening of hot pools and dinner and drinks. It was quite cold up there in the evening, which was perfect for the hot pools. Charlotte came home to Kaikoura with us that night, but Ryan stayed to attempt the 135km to Kaikoura the next day on his bike, quite ambitious! He made it, and in quite good time too, wow!

Cows on the way to Hanmer Springs
That's a lot of sheep!
Despite it being cloudy in Kaikoura, the drive to Hanmer was sunny and beautiful!
More sheep! The South Island is covered with them!

I didn't take any pictures actually in Hanmer Springs, oops....

Ryan is almost here! 
Part of the celebration snack we made him
Welcome back friends!

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  1. Congratulations ryan and charlotte! Hopefully a long remembered adventure!