Thursday, May 24, 2012

How many games can you play in a week?

We are having an awesome time with Ryan and Charlotte this week in Kaikoura! We have mostly been hanging out in the day and playing lots and lots of games at night. I think I have finally caught up on my game deficiency for the year :)

Here is a quick run down of what we have played:
  • BSG - some of the most exciting 4 player rounds we have had! Of course I have a biased opinion... Thanks for bringing this all the way to NZ Charlotte! We definitely made it worthwhile by playing 4 times :)
  • Power Grid - aka mental arithmetic and planning 4 turns ahead
  • Killer Bunnies - aka don't bother planning
  • Euchre - Almost as good as Kaiser :)
  • Spades - a new one for us all! 
  • Screw Your Neighbour (this it what I've always called it, but the internet thinks differently) - I love this game! 
  • Crib - I never really liked this game, but I have now a better appreciation for it! A good quick time filler that doesn't require tooo much thinking. 
Cylons attack!
So in a four-card hand Ryan gets dealt A-J of trump? How does this even happen?!?!

We also attended a couple quiz nights in town! For the first time we went to the quiz night at The Adelphi. This took 2 tries because we went down on Tuesday to find it had been moved to Wednesday night starting this week, with no update to their website :( We also took Ryan and Charlotte to our favourite quiz night at The Whaler. 

Both quiz nights are run by the same guy (Neil!), but luckily there wasn't too much overlap in content. Scott and I were very fair, and didn't answer questions at The Adelphi that were repeats from other quiz nights. Not that it mattered, because the scoring was so so terrible that I think I team just won at random. Take a look, maximum points were 10 for round 1, 10 for round 2 ,12 for round 3 and 12 for round 4:

Guess which team we are
Still it was a fun night! We had to (got to?) participate in a tie-breaking drink off, which we unfortunately lost. Also there was a bonus event of singing your national anthem with ice cubes in your mouth, and Charlotte won us a pitcher an a cricket ball! Yup, it was a random night.

It's a boat race, kinda, and with straws
A terrible picture of Charlotte singing with ice cubes in her mouth :)
Dexter loves the cricket ball Charlotte won for him!

In the theme of quiz nights and trivia, Ryan decided that he would make us a Jeopardy game to play. It was totally awesome, and complete with a buzzer app that Scott wrote! The next night Scott decided to expand his app into a full Jeopardy program and we got to all play again. More random fun!

Ryan Trebek
Scott's Jeopardy program
It's so fun! And... moustachey

Other than that, the week was filled with lots of walks and runs, yummy cooking, Charlotte baking us delicious things, watching Terminator 1 and 2 (Charlotte had never seen them!!!) and lots of relaxing and fun times.

Mmmm, buffins!
Mmmmm, chocolate cupcakes!
Using the tequila bottle to crush ice for margaritas, how appropriate! 
Playing fetch with Dexter is fun!
Ryan caught a hedgehog! Poor thing.... (he let it go shortly after this)

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