Sunday, May 27, 2012

Windy Kaikoura!

Today saw a Nor'wester hit Kaikoura and temperatures skyrocketed to 18 degrees celcius, a pretty good late fall day, really! The crazy thing about Nor'westers is that they're exactly the same as Chinooks back home! They even form a "Nor'west Arch" or "Canterbury Arch" instead of a Chinook Arch. lol.

Anyways, it got super windy in the morning (and calmed down later for our Decathlon), possibly as windy as our windy days at the farm too, but less outrageous given our proximity to the water.

Here's some pics of the wind-swept waves at the beach.

Dexter did not enjoy posing for this picture. Windy back! He was rewarded with 4 walks in the day. :)
One of the waviest days yet here on the north shore of the peninsula.
Birds dunno what to do!
I guess we'll just get blown around for a bit...
Sun sneaking in though! What a warm day.

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