Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dexter likes beets

Did some gardening today and collected a lot of yummy food: strawberries, a zucchini, yellow beans, greens, a cabbage and many potatoes. Dexter was excited to have us in the yard with him. He was also excited because I tossed him a beet (was too mangled for us to eat) which he thought was delicious. He seemed to think it was a toy, because he kept racing around the yard with it wanting us to chase him, haha. But he also settled down an munched on it for awhile. I discovered that Dexter also likes raw potato - I gave him one and he chewed on that for awhile too. 

Mmmm beet. Chase me!
Dexter pretending to be a snake
Today's harvest
Dexter wants some!
Grilled zucchini for tonight's dinner, mmm!

 Some more photos from around the garden:

I'm pretty sure this is an eggplant
EDIT: It' not! It's a summer squash! 
One of three strawberry patches. The strawberries haven't been liking the rain


  1. I think the yellow gourd is a yellow zucchini. Pick it before it grows too big!

  2. Hmmm, it doesn't seem like a zucchini but you are right that it needed picking! I think it's a summer squash (based on some wikipedia research). Tried grilling it too - it was less sweet than zucchini but still good. I only tried a small one, not sure if the big ones are still good.