Monday, January 23, 2012

Puketoki Reserve

There is a nice forest walk near our house (about half an hour walk away) called Puketoki Reserve. It was a nice sunny day today so we checked it out. We did the long loop, and the whole excursion took about 2.5h including all our stops and Dexter swim breaks. Here's some pictures!

I got into Dexter portraits today... sorry/you're welcome, depending on how you feel about that :)

Dexter posing with some pretty flowers
Walking in Puketoki Reserve
Sun is peaking into the forest
Ridiculous picture of Dexter, haha
Scott looking cool with his backwards hat 
Dexter posing in a field
Dexter posing by a stream
Posing for pictures is boring
Passed some donkeys on the way home. They are so cute!
Dexter and the donkey have a nose kiss
This bird and sheep are friends :) 
Typical NZ landscape


  1. Beautiful granddog photos. Makes a gramma proud!

  2. Dexter should consider a career in dog modeling.

  3. Awww I love the pictures of Dexter, but when I saw the picture of the bird and the sheep I couldn't help but think of this video:

    Are you sure they were friends?

  4. Ahh freaky!

    Actually I heard about these birds, they've been known to destroy parked cars by tearing them apart! We will have to watch out when we are in the South Island (I think they only live down there).