Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Today I did some weeding in the garden. The owners left the garden in a pretty good state so the weeds weren't too bad. Hopefully I will continue to stay on top of them and they won't ever get too bad! I also planted some basil seedlings in the greenhouse. Apparently basil and tomatoes like to grow together.

I dug up some delicious potatoes for our dinner. The potatoes seem to grow everywhere naturally in the garden, I never knew potato spread so easily. I also harvested some beets and zucchini, and Scott did our standard picking of the strawberries, yum! Most of the zucchinis I picked were small (the small ones are extra delicious) but I also found a super huge one! I think I will make it into cake or something.

Coincidentally, Scott also found a super big egg that one of the chickens laid. Today was the day for large farm produce!

One of these zucchinis overachieved
It's so big!
Superegg today too!


  1. Does this bring back gardening memories from your youth? Lovely looking produce.

  2. Do the kiwis call zucchini zucchini? Or do they call it courgette like the pommies do?

  3. Hey! Is one of the eggs a DUCK egg? (the green one, left row, 2nd from back?) I know you said chickens, but I thought only ducks laid green eggs. That huge egg in the foreground makes me feel sorry for the chicken. More like ostrich.

  4. Yes just like gardening at home with you :)

    The house owners called it zucchini...but bell peppers are all called "capsicum"!

    We don't have any ducks, nor have I seen any around the yard so that is unlikely! The eggs we get are not really green (maybe trick of the picture), but they are slightly offwhite, white or brown.

  5. I still can't get over the size of the egg in the foreground -- it's easily 2.5 to 3 x the volume of its neighbour. But maybe the neighbour is actually a runt. I think you can get an idea of the absolute size by the dimensions of the egg carton, look at the spiky peg things at the interstices of the egg cells, but maybe the carton design isn't exactly the same as what we are familiar with in Canada. Was the huge egg a double yolker?

  6. No it really is huge, it doesn't even fit in the box:

    We haven't eaten it yet so not sure. I'm a bit scared to eat it actually, haha. We usually eat the small runty eggs and leave the normal sized ones to sell to the neighbours. But nobody has bought eggs lately so we are getting quite the stockpile. We just don't eat eggs often enough!

  7. Here's another shot of it comparing with a small egg: