Sunday, January 1, 2012

A wet new year

Happy New Year!

We had a quiet celebration at home to ring in 2012. We had planned to go into Tauranga to see some events there, but lots of things were cancelled due to the insane rain! It has been crazy - at the farm we had more than 277mm over 2 days (according to the neighbour's rain guage). So we've basically been hiding inside, except to venture out for our chicken duties. It was even raining too much for Dexter, when we let him outside he just cowered by the door waiting to come back in, haha. It really was pouring like crazy.

Today the rain let up for a bit so we went for a walk down to the river. Here's some pics!

The chickens are hiding from the rain too. Also they love the special snacks the compost provides, mmmm.
Puddles everywhere! 
Baby horse! (passed by them on the walk to the river) 
Drip drop
Dexter loves the swimming hole!
Way more water than last time
Fetch Dexter!
This stick is toooo big!!!!
Good thing we have our rain boots!