Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New computer!

I got a new laptop!!! It's an ASUS N55SF. Scott picked it out and ordered it online from a place where it was about the same price as it would have been back home (most electronics here are wayyyy more expensive). The downside to the savings is that it took forever to arrive...we actually ordered way back in Dec but the location it shipped from was mysteriously closed for a couple weeks. It finally arrived this week, so all is well.

It it much more powerful than my current laptop (aka, Scott's old laptop), which is good for work and also games. Now I can finally play Sims 3 without it stalling all the time. And I can compile code at a reasonable speed. And have enough hard drive space to store my photos for the rest of the year (the other one was full already, ahh!) Also it has a bigger/better resolution screen, so I am way less limited there.

I definitely COULD have survived with the old one, but this will make life a lot better :)

So pretty!

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  1. You'd think that electronics would be cheaper, considering you are closer to where they are manufactured.