Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day - Kiwi Style

It's Christmas! We had a very different celebration than we would have back home - went over to Colin and Steve's friends (Peter and Lisa) house for a BBQ. It didn't really feel like Christmas without family and winter, but it was still a fun day :) Felt like a long weekend BBQ picnic or something! There were 9 of us there and 5 dogs - FIVE! As we were eating dinner the dogs got shut in the pool area - I was worried about them jumping in the pool but apparently the dogs swim in the pool all the time! Haha. It was a bit of a madhouse once the ball started getting thrown. 

Dexter was scared of going in the pool (he couldn't really figure out how to get in and was scared to jump) but he warmed up to it eventually. Especially when we started swimming - but stay away from dogs in the water, ow! He still doesn's really like jumping in from the edge but he was brave :)

It was a great afternoon! We played croquet, swam in the pool and ate delicious food. We also have a little gift exchange, everybody brought a wrapped present. I got a nice picture frame (now have to print a picture for it!) and Scott got some pretty placemats with NZ scenery. Was great to meet some new friends too! We have only been in the area a few days but already have met lots of people! Colin and Steve have made an effort to introduce us to their friends and neighbours - partially so we have help if we run into trouble on the farm :)

Merry Christmas to everyone back home!!!! We miss you :)

Christmas on a patio, how nice!
5 dogs and a pool, yikes! Jyn and Milo (the big brown dog) liked the pool the best.
Dexter is hesitant to jump off the side
But he likes it once he's in!
Happy to cool down from the sun
Come back for more Dexter!
Too hot for a big turkey meal - Christmas BBQ instead!
Christmas lunch with new friends :)
The croquet begins... (you can see from our silly hats that we've opened Christmas crackers already)
The cracker hats didn't provide enough sun protection so Lisa brought out sun hats to share. Mandatory for croquet!
Dexter gets a hat too, hehe
As expected the dogs are constantly in the way...
I am horrible at croquet by the way
Added confusion to playing croquet in an avocado orchard...
There was a fair amount of cheating that went on, haha
Dexter and Jyn having a play fight
Don't worry, we're still friends!
And last of all, a fun gift exchange!

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  1. A lovely day! So nice of them to include you! Love the hat Dex! Miss you xoxoxoxo