Friday, December 16, 2011

OMG, the sun!

After almost a week of rain the sun finally came out! Scott took advantage of the sun, light breeze, and perfect waves and hit up some surfing.

This was actually his second time out on the waves that day. Earlier that day we said enough hiding inside, so we donned our wetsuits and ventured down to the beach in the pouring rain. It was really fun actually - Scott surfed, I boogie boarded and Dexter jumped around trying to step on me (I can only assume...). Dexter was actually very well behaved, didn't try to swim after Scott in the deep water, so yay!

I didn't feel like going through the ordeal of putting on my wet wetsuit, so I just lounged on the beach with the camera on our second beach trip. I had Scott's camera so the pictures turned out pretty nice I think. Yay for the super zoom lense and sunset lighting. :)

Best crash pic ever :)

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