Friday, November 25, 2011

Cooking, baking and other mundane activities

Hi blogfans! We have been slacking off a bit on the blogging, but mostly because we haven't done anything super exciting! Don't get me wrong, we are having an awesome time still! But you can only write about going to the beach and surfing so many times before it becomes a bit repetitive. We have also been working a lot the past few days, so that's not really blogworthy.

One thing I have been doing a lot of is cooking. Back home usually I would be so hungry when I got home from work that I just wanted to eat something that was fast. Now that I have time and energy to actually make my own meals I have been resisting getting take-out as often. Also helps that there are very few takeout places here :) I'm starting small, with using packaged sauces and whatnot, but hope to become more adventurous! I have made pasta, stir frys, thai curry, butter chicken, tacos, and more! Yay me! Scott has been doing a lot of cooking too, his favourites are shake and bake pork chops or pork schnitzel, beef mince (that's what they call ground beef here), hamburgers and beef steaks. And of course veggies that I encourage him to eat :) Scott's biggest woe is that we can't buy "normal" ketchup here, as he has previously mentioned.


These tacos are too full! But delicious :)

On the topic of food, here is an awesome ice cream that I got at the store. It looks nothing at all like the picture on the package, but it is delicious! And has little chocolate kiwi birds in it, hehe.

Slightly less vibrant than the package indicated...

Yesterday it was raining (one of the first truly rainy days) so we mostly hung out at home. (Though later it did clear up and we took Dexter to the beach, don't worry :) ) Scott was into playing Batman: Arkham City (computer game) so I had to entertain myself. I made some cupcakes, though since we have like no baking supplies I lamed out and just made them from a package with medium success...

It's possible this package was intended to make 24 cupcakes instead of 12...


I was too impatient to wait for one to cool, so I just iced it right away. Oops (totally worth the sticky mess)

I also decided to give myself a pedicure since my feet have been all rough and bad from wearing sandals and going to the beach so much (poor me, right?). And since I was on a roll, I did a french manicure too (there was a kit on sale at the store...)

Smooth and pretty feet!

I'm fancy

So all in all a pretty girly day. But then I coded firmware for 6 hours to make up for it :)

Sorry for the lameish post, but this is all I got right now! More excitement to come eventually, don't worry :) By the way, thanks to everyone who has been reading and commenting! It makes the blog feel more like real interaction :) We miss you guys!


  1. Oh, I try :) He tried a piece of fish that our neighbours shared with us! It was a snapper that they caught.

  2. Hey guys its Brad Scott's cousin if you want real ketchup I can go to Heinz cause its right down the road from where I live and grab a case and see how much it will be to ship to you guys.