Monday, November 7, 2011

The Surf Awaits!

It begins!
We bought surfboards today!! Super exciting. We went out to find a print shop and stumbled upon Surfline, a local shop where a local shaper, Roger Hall, makes surfboards! We talked with him a while and he gave us a sweet deal for buying two used Surfboards he made along with leashes, bags, etc. :)

Then we spent all day looking for wetsuits and realized they're way more expensive for good ones than we thought, and retired to home to think about what we want. Hmm.

Tomorrow we'll solve the wetsuit issue somehow (spending a bit more or getting some crappy wetsuits) and hit the waves! Looks like some pretty weak surf for the week, but ok surf coming on Sunday... hopefully we've practiced popping up a lot by then.

Tomorrow: pics of us surfing? I hope so!

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