Monday, November 21, 2011

Fun in the sun

The waves have not been great lately, so unfortunately we haven't been able to do much surfing. Instead we have started going for short runs along the beach - usually around 5-10km. I wear runners but Scott prefers to go barefoot. Dexter loves it because he doesn't have to be on a leash like he usually does when we go running :)

Today was the first super sunny day in awhile, so we took advantage of the weather and spent the afternoon at the beach! Went for a short run and then read in the sun. Although it was sunny and warm it was also very windy, so it wasn't super ideal for lounging. We got very covered in sand :) Luckily our kindles were in ziplocks so they were safe!

Dexter did some fetching (he gets to fetch at the beach every day!) and then we swam a bit. Dexter swam with us (this video is for my mom especially because I know she misses him)! But not too close because otherwise he scratches with his nails (as Scott found out the hard way...). What a great day!

Perfect day for the beach (well, a little windy...)
Sand destruction of our lounging area

At least the kindles are safe!


Self-shot while waiting for Dexter to swim back with the ball (hehe you can see him in the background!)

Shadow people

Scott gives Dexter a break from swimming 
This break was less appreciated...


  1. You guys should consider giving Tourism NZ a link to your blog. It sure makes me want to go (even more than i did before)!!

  2. I absolutely agree michele. The pics are fabulous and the stories captivating!