Friday, November 11, 2011

The Kind-of Almost Surfing Day

Today was a much more successful day of surfing! The waves were better and we had a lot more chances of standing up on our boards. Scott went out first while I relaxed on the beach with Dexter. Not that Dexter did any relaxing...first he ran out to "rescue" Scott from the water (requiring me to run screaming after him). Then I tied him up but he was still rather worried. At least he calmed down eventually, and focused instead on the flies buzzing around him, haha. And yes he got plenty of fetch too, so it wasn't all bad for Dexter :)

Anyways, the surfing! I stood up once (thanks to Scott for helping with pushing!) and wiped out numerous times. Scott had many near-stands with no push help required! And to top it off it was a beautiful sunny day. Can't wait to go out again!

A note on wetsuits: they are the best and worst things ever. It's awesome to be kept warm in the water, and to not get surf rash and scrapes everywhere. But they are darn hard to put on and take is impossible to do it gracefully. And they require rinsing and drying out of the sun every time, and we have limited hanging room in our bathtub area!

Surfs up!

Dexter is watching Scott surfing, and planning to bolt out there soon...
...and now he's tied up *pout* 

Scott's back! And Dexter gets to play in the waves too!!!
I'm going surfing too!

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