Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This was not us

Totally not us.
Day one of surfing did not go well. The current swell is really small but we wanted to try anyways, which resulted in a number of waves that weren't big enough to catch... And then our impatience led us to try some waves closer to shore which were too close to breaking and thus resulted in many many falls, into shallow water, boo. :( Jacqui did stand up on one wave I pushed her into though, yay!

There's a better swell coming this weekend and I'm confident there's some surfable (beginner) waves in there for us. Better luck next time, right?

Also, it gives me a few days to heal my aching back from all the falls. Sigh, oldness. Hopefully Friday or Saturday will see some posts about popping up and our successes... :)

Until then, hope for slighty bigger swells.


  1. I think we did great for our first attempt! Especially considering we don't have the giant beginner surf boards and friendly hawaii beginner beach waves :)

  2. I was appalled with the"old" reference! Much, much too young to be using that! Even i don't use it.