Thursday, April 5, 2012

Art Deco in Napier

Our main reason for going to Napier was the New Zealand National Aquarium, but I enjoyed just walking around the town more than the aquarium. Maybe we just had an overload of animals recently (aquarium in Auckland and zoos in Australia,) but the aquarium didn't seem up to its title. Oh well, definitely still a worthwhile stop! 

Napier is famous for it's art deco architecture. The entire city was levelled by an earthquake in 1931, and was rebuilt in the style of the time. I don't know much about architecture, but it was still really cool to look at the unique style of all the buildings. 

Also, we saw the hunger games movie! Totally awesome and does the book justice, go see!

We were lucky that we arrived right as an epic storm was ended. It made for an interesting nighttime drive into town, but the weather for the rest of our visit was un-rainy!

Dramatic post-storm sky
Art deco
More art deco!
Amphitheatre along the Marine Parade
To dangerous for swimming here apparently
I love rocky beaches!
Tom Parker Fountain
Pania of the Reef - what's up with that smile?
Best way to remove construction debris?
Shows the point of the first sunrise of this millennium 

Laying in wait
Cool fish
More fishes
Tuatara - Scott's favourite! [I do love it! -Scott]
Sharks, rays and fish!
Divers feeding the sharks, rays and fish!!
Kiwi bird!
Scorpion fish!
Giant squid looks gross
Saw Opossum World on our walk and stopped in - quirky and  weird :) [Yup - those are stuffed -Scott]

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