Monday, April 16, 2012

Surfing with a seal

Surfing in Kaikoura is a lot different that surfing in Ruakaka or Tauranga. For one, the water is much colder! This is probably also due to the season changing into fall. We all wore wetsuits and wetsuit booties so it was mostly warm enough as long as you stay moving. I eventually had to go in due to my hands being cold though.

Another difference is the beach is rocks instead of sand. And largish rocks, so entering the water involves balancing with a surfboard, while being periodically pounded by waves and sucked by undertow. There are a few bruised arms and legs...

Also in Ruakaka we certainly never had a seal join us in the waves! He looked like he was just out for a swim, flipping and spinning in the waves. Pretty cool!

Ready to hit the surf!
A seal joins scott in the waves!
I'm pretty sure this is the start of an epic bail for Ryan (back right)
But he catches this wave with more success!
Kiran warms up in the sun
This is the serene scene that follow the awkward and painful exit from the water

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