Saturday, April 14, 2012

New home in Kaikoura!

We moved into our 3rd long-term house yesterday! We are living in the small town of Kaikoura, which is actually much more populated than Ruakaka and the farm, so it's not so small after all :)

We are renting a little house that's a short walk to the beach and a slightly less short walk to town. It's just the right size for 2 people and a dog! And for 2 guests too hopefully :) We still have Ryan and Kiran week Kiran leaves and Charlotte arrives! Yay for lots of visitors!

Here's a few pics from our new home!

New home! We have a lovely sun room on the front of the house.
View from the front! Love the snow-capped mountains in the distance
(snow-cap is new as of a couple days ago...winter is coming)
Living room / office
Our bedroom, nicely decorated by me :)
Dexter on the pebble beach, 2min from our front door!