Friday, April 6, 2012

Last North Island Drive

Last time driving on the North Island for a long time! We drove from Auckland to Wellington via Tauranga area (to pick up Dexter) and Napier (to check it out). Here's some pics from the drive - Napier and Wellington are in seperate posts :)

Ryan's first taste of L&P was appropriately in Paeroa
Encountered a wind farm on our drive, south of Napier
Ryan loves wind power!
Dexter loves wind power too!
The name was much cooler than the actual attraction (overpriced so we didn't stay) ["Owlcatraz" - Love it! -Scott]


  1. "Ryan loves wind power" is now my desktop background.

  2. Haha awesome! We can give you the original so you can experience the green power majesty in maximum resolution.

  3. Owlcatratz sounds like something that should be in Harry Potter... Azkaban and Owlcatratz ;)