Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Paragliding in Nelson

Nelson is a popular paragliding destination, so we thought we had better check it out! I found myself surprisingly non-scared for the activity... I think since there is no freefall it's a lot less terrifying :) And we went tandem with the instructor, so he did all the hard work.

Even "jumping off the mountain" wasn't too bad because there was a gradual slope. It was more waiting for the wind to lift us off the mountain!

We were very pleased with the company we flew with: http://www.nelsonparagliding.co.nz/ . Definitely recommended if you are looking to paraglide in Nelson!

Here's some pictures! Ryan and Kiran went too, but the pictures here are pretty much just of me and Scott. 

Beautiful view from the top of the mountain
I'm ready!
Filling up the chute
Here we go....
I'm flying!
Landing time
I survived!
Scott's turn!
Wow he is high!
Yup, definitely high up
Great view from up here!
So peaceful floating up in the air
Coming in for a landing
We love Nelson!

[I took a first person video of my flight but it induces motion sickness hardcore so it's probably not worth putting up here. I'll youtube it eventually for the lols of people puking over watching it. -Scott]

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